The History of Chittagong Senior's Club Limited

Chittagong Seniors Club an icon of elegance and aristocracy, tradition and excellence has a special place in the history of clubs in this sub-continent.


 The Chittagong Seniors’ Club Limited was established in 1927 under the patronage of late K. C. Dey, the then Divisional Commissioner of Chittagong, in association with some of the local Elite who were in need of a Social Club. Initially the Club was registered as Chittagong Institute Limited in 1927 and later the Club was christened as Chittagong Seniors’ Club Limited in a meeting held in 2010.


The English founded the Chittagong Club in 1878 for their exclusive use, as they are prone to forming Club’s wherever they go. They would never allow the local native, whom they call ‘rustic’; to use their Club and Chittagong Club Limited was not an exception. The glaring instance of such racial hatred towards the locals was the rejection of an application for Chittagong Club Membership tendered by Mr. K. C. Dey a Member of the elite Indian Civil Service and the Divisional Commissioner of Chittagong. To his utter dismay he was denied a Membership of the Chittagong Club simply on racial grounds despite his high profile eligibility and the decision prompted him to found a Club by himself in Chittagong. He ordered to find out a place for the proposed Club somewhere in the vicinity of the Chittagong Club and Dr. Rajendra Narayan Khastagir an eminent local  physician and Zaminder of Chittagong cooperated by offering the present piece of land owned by him  adjacent to the Dr. Khastagir Girls’ High School. The other Socialites of those days in Chittagong who were enthusiastic about founding a Club apart from Dr. Rajendra Narayan Khastagir and Mr. K. C. Dey were,    Rai Bahadur B. B. Chowdhury, a Zaminder from Chittagong, Barrister     J. K. Ghosal, an eminent Lawyer, Mr. A. K. Chanda, an affluent businessman and Barrister Khastagir, a Lawyer and brother of Dr. Rajendra Narayan Khastagir. There were also local Members introduced to the Club and they included the Principal of Chittagong College, eminent Professors, Government Officials, reputed Traders and other famous personalities.


The Club was open to all locals for Membership and there was no discrimination as far as eligibility for Membership was concerned which was determined by the qualities, social status and educational background of the applicants. Mr. K. C. Dey, the Divisional Commissioner of Chittagong promptly provided all logistic support from the Government for the proposed Club and he directed issuance of the Bar License reportedly on the first day of his decision to form the Club. This was in fact a retaliatory and apt action in protest of the racial policy of the British and the newly formed Club was registered with the Government as Chittagong Institute Limited.


Consequently, on 9th November 2010 the name ‘Chittagong Institute Ltd.’ was changed to Chittagong Seniors’ Club Ltd. and incorporated as a Company under the Provisions of Section 11, Sub-Section (7) ACT XVIII of Company Act 1994.


The cottage type Club House was founded & constructed in 1927 and the population of Chittagong has grown to nearly 6.5 million since then. The Club’s development & reforms began in 1992 by the then Honourary General Secretary, Mr. S.M. Kamaluddin. But the era of real development was started under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Abdullah-Al-Ahsan, President (1998 – 2001) who contributed to the construction of the three storied Guest House, Tennis Court & Swimming Pool Complex.


It has been felt in the recent past that keeping pace with the growth of the population of the city the club should increase its accommodation for new members and in this context it was decided in several meetings of the Club that the old cottage type Club House be dismantled and a modern Club Complex be built.  Accordingly a Master Plan was drawn and a ten (10) storey building was planned in Gothic Architectural Style. This bold & firm step of demolishing the old structure & constructing & completing the new Club Building as it stands today, was initiated & completed by Mr. S. M. Abu Mohsin, President (2005 – 2010) & Advocate Rafiqul Anwar Chowdhury, Vice President (2007 – 2010), & President (2010 – 2013). Then, it was developed even further by Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Hossain (President 2013 – 2014) by the improvement of the President’s Chamber, the New Card Room, renovation of the Car Park, addition of the Club Secretariat and a New Exit Gate. However, it is also extremely important to mention the names of Dr. Moinul Islam Mahmud, Convener, Dev. Sub Comm., Engr. Ali Ahmed, Member, Dev. Sub Comm. & Mr. M.A. Malek, President (2003 – 2005), who contributed much to the development of the new structure.


Considering that the club has increased its accommodation and facilities, it was decided that the number of Members could be increased to 500. It was also decided in 2010 that the Members’ Children, with proper eligibility, may be considered for inclusion as Members of the Club (Associate Member). However, it was also decided that they would be enrolled as Permanent Members of the Club after they attain the age of 40 (Forty). There was induction of new Members which includes Professionals, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Businessmen, Industrialists, Bankers and Social Elites, all of whom contributed significantly for the development of this Club.


The Club has already achieved fame as a very attractive place for the growing number of high profile Members and it can be concluded that the Club with all its facilities is a very coveted place for the present Members as well as the Aspirants in future.